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Hippies Today

Hippies today are still playing an important role in today's landscape. This is true because many of the issues that face hippies are relevant to all of us as we enter a new era in American politics that feature several issues that will impact seniors in the years to come.

To see why this is true, here's a brief look at two of the most important political issues that hippies today face.

Hippies Today
  • Hippies today are playing a major role in the health care debate. This is true because most hippies are entering a stage in their lives where they will soon receive Medicare benefits. As a result, hippies today are becoming a key voting bloc that will impact how the Congress will approach future health care reform issues.
  • In addition, hippies today are starting to become major players in the debate over Social Security reform. This is certainly true because the proposed changes to the Social Security system in this country will have a significant impact on hippies who are nearing retirement. As a result, hippies today are also key players in how Congress will react to how we will ultimately reform Social Security.

As you can see, hippies today are profoundly impacted by a pair of key reform issues that will impact how all of us will live out our retirement years. As a result, hippies today have a major opportunity to become a key voting group who could influence our Congress to do great things. Let's hope that we step up to that challenge and make our country a better place to live.