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Hippie Fashion

Hippie fashion is an easily identifiable marker of both lifestyle and person ideology. The timelessness of hippie fashion stems from practicality born in the 1960s that continues even today.

There is no such thing as standard hippie wear, and oftentimes stereotypical conceptions of hippies portray individualistic expressions through fashion in a negative light. Nevertheless, hippie fashion often consists of creative works, such as decorated jeans, hand tie-dyed shirts, embroidered jackets or vests, and so on.

Hippie Fashion

Many hippie outfits aren't complete without jewelry, usually handmade by the wearer or someone else, often with naturally colored beads or metal symbols. Incorporation of nature also highlighted some parts of hippie fashion. For example, it wasn't uncommon to make bracelets or decorations for hair out of flowers.

Hippie fashion also broke down barriers, as both sexes tended to wear jeans and maintain longer hairstyles than what was considered acceptable at the time. More importantly, there was no set fashion, and the incorporation of unique, acquired clothing and accessories helped a person express who they were. Sometimes this pertained only to brighter colors in clothing, but it was also possible to have pieces of clothing that had interesting stories behind them or were modeled on other cultural forms of dress.

In summary, hippie fashion was and continues to be an expression of individuality and certainly personality in the face of an increasingly monotonous, corporate world.